Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am Online.... I think!

My Evie Rose Journey has been a wonderful one so far..... I have enjoyed every moment of getting this little concept up and running.... well to be honest there were some moments when I thought it was too hard, but I suppose we all have days like that. Thanks to my mum for giving me the inspiration to start creating gorgeous accessories. For as long as I can remember my mum has been 'making things'. There are just too many projects to mention!
Evie Rose the website and online shop has been very challenging but with the help of my brothers I have got that up and running. Thanks Dave and Steve.
My market experience has been great. I have met many talented people at both the Boutique Markets at Portside and Mathildas Market at Town Hall. Both fellow stall holders and the public have truly been wonderful to meet and talk too. The feedback towards my wares has been so overwhelming. A special mention must go to Christine from Little Diva who is my neighbour at the Boutique Markets... as well as my 'go to' person if I have any questions about anything!!!
You should check out her gorgeous handmade items if you haven't already.

Christine is also the one that said that I should get around to doing a blog.... She also said that its funny how you find time to do posts.... HMMMM I am not sure about this yet but I must admit I am a little excited that I finally have got around to actually doing an official blog rather than just using my News page on my website.
Anyway I think thats it for my first post.. Got to attend to other things!

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