Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the PRESS!


Been off the radar for a while.... my dad is not well and its been a long few weeks. He is still in hospital and we are all being positive that he will improve very soon. Back on the day he first got sick, SHOP GIRL mag hit the shelves.... with a little Evie Rose feature. I was quite excited to read that my 'Petite Fleurs' were under a heading that said - RETAIL THERAPY 'What to rush out and buy the girl in your life!'
For those that don't know, Shop Girl is a magazine aimed at mums of TWEENS! Its a wonderfully presented magazine with heaps of beautiful ideas for girls of this age group.
Got to love a bit of publicity!


  1. So sorry to hear your Dad is unwell. Hope he is improving and glad you had a silver lining to keep you smiling! Lisa.

  2. Congratulations on the magazine . All the best for your Dad , i hope he gets well quickly , take care .

  3. Thanks everyone. Mag exposure is very exciting and dad is improving everyday!